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Innovative ARH travel document readers

ARH's OCR passport reader products are designed to meet the latest demands of travel document reading, passport reading, VISA and ID card OCR reading.

PRMc multireader

We offer a range of products from a uniquely high-resolution, full-page passport scanner - passport capturing, recognition and verification device - to a portable two-row OCR reader for the MRZ for mobile security applications.

All of our readers are high quality devices providing outstanding image quality and extremly accurate optical character recognition (OCR).

Fullpage desktop capture

Combo reader

Our products are both portable and desktop devices equipped with a fully featured SDK, so that they can be fully integrated into computer systems - whether existing or planned.

The industrial standard interfaces of our devices ensure smooth, easy, platform independent - still organic - integration of these equipments, no matter what computer system you or your client may have.

Portable and desktop products

All of our devices are designed for 24h/day practical usage: they are exceptionally ergonomic, very easy to use, reliable and highly durable.

Portable and desktop passport readers

This is done with no compromise on the functionality side: our products have the widest range of functions from highly accurate OCR reading through full page capturing in normal white, infra-red (IR) and ultra-violet (UV) light to semiautomatic or automatic authenticity verification of travel documents.

Document verification

Our passport readers are proven products. There are several countries where our devices are in use - with the satisfaction of the end-user.

Our passport reader (ID card or VISA reader) devices capture the document to be inspected, read essential information from the captured image and forwards these information - already in ASCII - to the processing computer system, so that the travel documents can be verified with specific databases, checked against black lists, etc.

Document verification

Uniquely on the market, our products not only provide OCR reading (automatic data entry) of personal documents, but also provide full digital pictures about the documents for storage and authenticity verification against document fraud and document forgery.

Our stand alone passport reader devices' data recognition system (form recognition, OCR reading and verification) for the automatic data entry (ADE) is carried out independently from existing hardware and software of the end user's system. These autonomous devices are capable to perform all of the required data capture, OCR reading and verification functions as well as the verification (lookup) of the documents in databases, the data recording and the image storage autonomously.

Of course, autonomy does not mean closed structure: the full control of the entire range of functionality is provided via standard TCP/IP interface for your host computer system.

Uniquely on the market, our robust, heavy-duty portable passport reader device stands for the entire range of requirements of a 24h/day, 7days/week duty at state borders, airports, railways and harbors.

Application areas of ARH travel document readers

There is a wide range of applications of our products: immigration, border control, airports, harbors and state borders, hotel registration and other public places - generally everywhere, where passengers or human traffic needs to be identified.

The demand of increased security makes these products to be essential tools in personal traffic control, immigration, and crime prevention - in general and significant risk reduction.

The key features of our products are: automatic data entry | full page document scanning | very high accuracy OCR | single-line reading | multiple-line reading | ICAO compliancy | MRZ reading | full page processing | multiple-light illumination (visible IR UV) | document verification | document authentication | durability heavy-duty design | reliability | stable operation | opened interfaces | SDK | software development kit | application programming interface | API | RFID reading

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